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175 Cadycentre, Suite 325 :: Northville, MI 48167
Call Us: 248.924.3129

Protecting What You've Built

We work with clients on the two most essential things in their lives: Everyone they love and everything they own.

Integrated Estate Planning

We are a team of attorneys, financial advisors, and tax specialists who engage to give clients a greater opportunity to earn wealth, keep wealth, and protect wealth. We integrate your estate planning with your financial plan to provide for the two most important things in your life: everyone you love and everything you own.

Does your estate planning attorney...

  • Take the time to learn about you and your loved ones?
  • Explore your goals?
  • Know your family concerns?
  • Understand your assets?
  • Engage you in legal counseling to achieve your goals?
  • Discuss your planning beyond “death and taxes”?
  • Seek out better strategies and designs to achieve your goals?

We do.

Does your estate plan...

  • Work as expected?
  • Address death and taxes but inadequately plans for disability?
  • Integrate your financial plan, wealth strategies, and estate plan cohesively?
  • Represent simple “one-size fits all” word processing, or is it custom designed for you?

Ours does.

Why You Need a Team for Your Planning

Segmenting your estate and financial planning with no coordination between advisors and consultants leads to unsynchronized planning. Successful estate planning requires that your financial and tax planning goals are integrated into your estate plan.

Protecting what you’ve built requires coordination, integration, and ongoing
monitoring and updating of your plans to ensure your goals are met.

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